Terms and Conditions

A price invoice is sent to the client after document upload. Unless the client notifies Bioplicity Editing Service, the quote is considered accepted and editing is started as soon as possible. Payment must be made within 15 days after order submission. Late Payments are subject to a late fee of 10%.


1. For editing purchased though the Standard and Premium packages, the edited document will be returned to the client no later than four full business days (Monday through Friday) after the receipt of the document. For the Elite package, documents are returned within seven business days. When the rush option is purchased (only available with the Standard and Premium packages) the edited document is returned to the customer within three business days. The first full day is the first business day after the day on which the document was submitted (USA central time). This means that a document submitted for standard editing on Monday will be returned before midnight (USA central time) on the immediately following Friday (four full business days: Tues, Wed, Thurs, Friday).

2. Bioplicity strives to return the edited documents within these time frames; however, it cannot be responsible for any cancellation or delay caused either by either an action of the client or by an unforeseen force of nature (floods, fire, or other natural disaster, social disturbances, strikes or any other situation beyond our control, including illness). In these situations, the client will be notified of the circumstances and both the client and Bioplicity are free to terminate the work. The client shall compensate Bioplicity for all completed work and we will attempt to provide the client with alternative options to meet their needs.

3. If the edited documents are returned later than the deadline for another reason, then the client will receive a 10% refund on the payment due for the current project and a 5% discount on their next project.

4. If the client cancels the work after it has been ordered they must pay for all of the work completed up to the cancellation date on a per word basis. For the Premium and Elite packages, the specified per word rates apply. For the Standard package, the work is prorated at 0.09 USD per completed word. If the client cancels within 24 hours of the project deadline, then they are obliged to pay the full price.


We treat all of our projects as confidential material. We require that any of our collaborators also sign non-disclosure agreements before they are provided access to client materials. When collected, these documents can be made available to the client.