Difficult funding situations limit many aspects of scientific research, but our goal is to ensure that language challenges are never an impediment to publication of hard-earned results.

When you are faced with a funding situation that makes paying for our services impossible, then please let us help. Simply fill out the following form and upload the document to be edited and we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss options, which range from reduced prices to complete waiving of the fee.

Why do we offer Supported Editing? 

We want to support scientists — this is the very basis of operating an editing company. We also hope that if your funding situation improves you will visit us again and that you will spread the word about our services.

How do you benefit?

You receive language editing to which you might not otherwise have access. Language quality is well known to impede publication and scientific progress should not be limited by language.

How is Supported Editing different from our other editing packages?

To make this service possible, your document may be edited by one of our close partners. However, every editing job is reviewed by our senior editor to ensure that all of our clients receive the best editing available.

Please fill out this form and submit your document. We will contact you as soon as possible to discuss available options. 

Please provide some information to help us understand your funding challenges.
Please select the word-count range for your document. Remember not to include the references in the word count.
Please specify if you would like British or American spellings.
Please enter the working title for your manuscript.
Please provide any special instructions for the editing.
Please specify your company, university, or other institution.

Time to select your files for upload. You may select multiple files. Once you press 'Submit', you will see the update progress for your files. Please wait until you receive the confirmation screen before closing this window.

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“Life Preserver, Canal Park, Duluth” by Sharon Mollerus is licensed under CC BY 2.0. The image was cropped.