Our Peer Review Protect service represents the most advanced and comprehensive editing option available. When you select the Elite Package, you receive extremely thorough, constructive comments about your manuscript designed to identify fundamental issues that could negatively affect the peer review process. Based on these detailed comments, you can improve your manuscript in advance to increase its chances of a successful peer review.

Your manuscript will be reviewed by an MD/PhD reviewer with an in-depth understanding of your research area. All of your unpublished results are treated as confidential information so you don’t have to worry about being scooped.

In addition to the detailed and helpful comments included in the document (see an example of our editing), you will also receive a detailed Peer Review Protect Report in which we analyze the quality of the manuscript based on several criteria.

Clarity and Readability

The reviewer will provide feedback on the clarity and readability of your text. The reviewer will identify issues in your manuscript that might make it difficult for the reader to follow. They will also carefully consider whether the introduction provides sufficient detail for the readers to fully understand your findings. The reviewer will identify any issues in the data presentation that might cause confusion or decrease clarity during the peer-review process. You will receive detailed suggestions on how to improve any issues.

Structure and Organization

The reviewer will ensure that the structure of the manuscript is optimized to make your findings as clear as possible. They will also ensure that the overall structure of the manuscript conforms to the requirements of your target journal. Finally, each section of the manuscript will be carefully reviewed to ensure that all of the required information is provided, including reagents, strain names, data sets, etc.


The way a manuscript is written can have profound effects on its perceived impact. The reviewer will analyze your manuscript to identify opportunities for rewriting or adding material to increase the impact of the findings.


The reviewer will carefully check over the manuscript to ensure that there are no inconsistencies between the text and data, including the figures and any tables. They will also identify possible omissions, especially statistical analyses.

See an example of our Peer Review Protect Report.

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