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Prices and Services

Premium Package

With the Premium Package, you receive a publication-ready document. In addition, you receive unlimited re-editing of all of your documents, including your cover letter and responses to the editor and reviewer comments. This personalised and focused service covers the entire lifespan of your manuscript — from draft to publication. For as long as it takes. An all-inclusive editing package so you can focus on making  discoveries!

Starting from 0.10 USD per word (Details and pricing)

Elite Package

The Elite Package includes all of the services of the Premium Package, but with some special advantages. Your manuscript will be formatted for the journal of your choice and the references will be edited. The most significant advantage is that you receive our Peer Review Protect service. Your manuscript will be constructively critiqued to identify issues that might adversely affect the peer review process. Learn more about Peer Review Protect.

Starting from 0.19 USD per word (Details and pricing)

Figure Production

We work with some outstanding graphic artists experienced in producing all types of figures for scientific publications. Save time while receiving beautiful, ready-to-publish figures. For further information and to discuss the specifics of your project, please contact us.

Author Resources

The proper use of ‘respectively’

Respectively is often confused with respectfully, but they have different meanings. Respectfully is used to show or express respect. Respectively means in the order given and is usually used with parallel lists in scientific writing. If a parallel list is present, meaning there is a relationship between two given lists in one sentence, then all item placements…

Spliced wires

The Comma Splice

The comma (,) is one of the most often used punctuation marks, but using it correctly can be challenging. Where you use a comma can change the entire meaning of a sentence. In a series of guides, we will review a few of the most common mistakes with comma usage. Each grammar guide will provide helpful tips…

A colorful abacas

Countable vs. Uncountable Nouns

Using articles correctly with countable and uncountable nouns can be very challenging. Countable and uncountable nouns are one of the first things many students learn, but even advanced English speakers can find themselves in trouble with this complicated bit of grammar. How do you make sure you’re getting it right in your scientific manuscripts? Telling…