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Free Abstract Editing

I am proud of the service I offer, and I want to show you by working with you. I will edit your abstract (500 words or less) completely for free, even if you never work with me again. You will experience my editing process and receive a sample edit that is useful for you. Submitting your abstract for free editing is the absolute best way to experience the quality of my services.


Standard Package

Standard Editing is a two-step process. First, I fix the grammar and style mistakes and send you a preliminary version of your manuscript with some questions and comments. Second, I re-edit your document incorporating your feedback to make sure that everything is perfect. Your document will say exactly what you mean and will be “publication-quality”.

Starting from $150 (Details and pricing)

Premium Package

With Premium Editing you will quickly receive a publication-ready document. However,  you also receive unlimited re-editing of the main document and assistance with your cover letter, responses to the editor and reviewers at no extra charge. This personalized and focused assistance covers the entire lifespan of the original manuscript from draft to publication.

Starting from $340 (Details and pricing)

Author Resources

The proper use of ‘respectively’

Respectively is often confused with respectfully, but they have different meanings. Respectfully is referring to showing or expressing respect. Respectively means in the order given. It can be confusing to understand where to place punctuation around the word respectively. Is respectively placed in the middle of the sentence? Then surround it by commas. If it…

Spliced wires

The Comma Splice

The comma (,) is one of the most often used punctuation marks, but using it correctly can be challenging. Where you use a comma can change the entire meaning of a sentence. In a series of guides, we will review a few of the most common mistakes with comma usage. Each grammar guide will provide helpful tips…

A colorful abacas

Countable vs. Uncountable Nouns

When one edits many manuscripts by non-native English speakers, some of the most commonly seen errors involve countable and uncountable nouns – and especially the use articles. This tutorial provides some helpful tips you can use during your manuscript preparation. If you want, you can download the guide as a PDF file via the link…